Our most sought after training program for a solid sales foundation for years of top line sales success.

Integrity Selling®is a customer-needs focused strategy successfully transforming sales teams from ad takers to advertising marketing consultants- regardless of experience level! The process of mastering INTEGRITY SELLING®prepares sales representatives to increase sales, improve productivity, reduce call reluctance, and enhance customer relations. INTEGRITY SELLING®is a complete 24 module training program that gets results immediately. Click here to read more about this exciting program.

What is blame costing your company? Lost productivity? Reduced Profits? Poor communications? Decreased personal motivation? QBQ turns that around. QBQ is about personal accountability. It’s about making a difference by changing ourselves. Never before has there been such a powerful and practical program that changes the way of thinking almost instantaneously. The new way of thinking, talking, communicating and more importantly participating in outcomes comes from QBQ. By learning how to ask the question behind the question staff members will be asking WHAT CAN I DO NOW TO MOVE FORWARD? WHAT CAN I DO TO CONTRIBUTE? HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Imagine the increased productivity to the entire organization, plus the I’m on the team attitude. Click here for more details on QBQ.

Customers say: I'm bored with my advertising, My advertising isn't working, What would you do? What should I do? A natural response is to offer advertising more days, adding color, or going bigger. As we know, that rarely works. Powerful Partnering introduces creative tools and marketing concepts which offer the promotional ideas to increase store sales. Partnering, creativity ideas and campaigns generate store sales and newspaper revenues!

Radio, cable, spot television, direct mail and other print are eroding newspaper's advertising revenue share. Today's sales representatives understanding of competitors media jargon, pricing and effectiveness establishes themselves as the advertising expert. Many advertisers actually rely on newspaper account executives to help with a complete media plan. Now have the chance to control the buy and have the right answers when customers or potential customers say, "I'm thinking of using another media," or "I am using another media." Select the mediums that are effecting your revenues for a completely customized program.

Opportunities arise when it's necessary to strategize on accounts as an advertising agency would. Now have the chance for one-on-one sessions with an advertising expert to evaluate accounts, their present situation, media options, ad design, desired outcomes and create a plan to increase revenue share. Sales representatives gain a broader perspective of advertising agency thinking, marketing possibilities and add value to everyday business.

MANAGING GOAL ACHIEVEMENT® In today's ever changing business world it is important to be open minded, willing to try new ideas and create new ways of doing business. To be more productive, people need to know how to motivate themselves and get more done. Bring the important dimensions of Goal Clarity, View of Possibilities, Values, Achievement Drive and Supportive Environment into alignment. Old blockages fall away and new goals are reached. As a result, achievement drive and stronger skills are released. This 10 module program helps people sell more, motivate themselves and get more done which influences bottom-line results. Click Here for more information.

Too often newspaper representatives sell ads standing over a counter. Ready with their rate card, media kit, and a map-selling one ad at a time. Competitors are actively using written proposals with complete marketing plans. Proposals can increase sales up to 75%. Some sales representative proposal converts say they won't sell any more without using one. Using the five key proposal elements writers block is eliminated. Customer needs are identified and complete marketing campaign solutions are offered. Proposal writing tools include: a Getting Started Worksheet, Confidential Account Information Form, and sample proposal pages. Make dynamic proposals and sell more campaigns, not just ads.

Achieve territory goals as well as meet the newspaper's objectives with the use of successful negotiating strategies. Learn how to “create value” for mutual gain, build profitable long-term relationships, separate people from the problem, and use objective standards to resolve differences about who should get what. As a result of this workshop, sales representatives gain the tools to prepare for contract negotiations, short rate situations, reproduction issues, requests to go off the rate card, missed deadline problems, ad errors, and many of the other day to day interactions that require negotiation skills. Everyone focuses on win-win negotiating, achieving results for both the advertiser and the newspaper. Increased productivity, professionalism, confidence, improved cost of sales, reduced loss of revenue and enhanced customer relations are just a few of the benefits you will gain from this program.

Advertising executives selling marketing solutions to customers are expected to be artist's as well. How do they create the right ad without that perceived creative and artistic talent? It's quite a surprise to find how talented they are - in just a minute. So next time they are with a customer who is ready to buy, if they can create the ad on the spot- they can do it. Quickly come up with several clever headlines and formats for ads that sell customers' products. No more groans from art services when they hear, "Just be creative." Create ads with pizazz in no time flat!

Sales representatives were hired to sell advertising not write copy. Only they find themselves in front of advertisers doing just that. And the customers expect them to be good at it. Imagine that! Killer Copy That Wins helps write innovative copy without wracking the brain, burning the midnight oil or losing sleep over it. Best of all it transforms terrific ideas into powerful promotions. See instant results and watch the customer's products fly out of the stores.

Selling up, selling more frequency and adding color increases response, retains customers and increases sales. Only how does one know the right frequency, the best size for the message or when and where to use color to offer the best recommendation? Discover the "ins and outs" of reaching the client's target with impact, the best schedule for a particular message, which message works best with greater frequency, or which needs reach and which requires surging. With this new found confidence more advertising schedules with the right frequency, size and color are sold!

Every client wants to solidify its position in the mind of its consumer. Imagine creating a catch phrase that is so memorable, it's like Mental Peanut Butter™ that sticks to the roof of the brain. Who can forget “Just Do It,” “Got Milk?” or the frogs saying, “Bud-weis-er.”

Now, in one dynamic session, learn one of the most important aspects of branding: powerful positioning. With these 16 sure-proof techniques, become a master at creating “sticky” positioning. Immediately after the workshop, be able to draw upon a library of valuable guidelines that will help whenever creating headlines, subheads or tag lines.

Imagine, after this one day seminar clients will have the unforgettable stamp of a national slogan, giving it instant recognition in the marketplace. Increased awareness leads to greater attention, traffic, sales and a satisfied customer.

Can you imagine how helpful it would be to have advertisers tell what they really think of their sales representative, how they are being serviced, what they would like differently and what they would want that they aren't presently getting? A confidential survey is sent to a selected group of each sales person's advertisers. The results provide feedback on six dimensions: Market & Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Communications, Working Relationships, Professional Style and Adding Value. Sales representatives develop personal action plans to maximize business relationships and improve sales opportunities. Relationships are enhanced, personal development grows and sales increase.

Memo's misplaced, sales person out sick and no one can figure out where anything is, mistakes happening, things falling through the cracks, not enough time to make sales calls. These are just a few of the important things that make a difference in time management and sales success. Borrowing the Japanese 5S's: Seri- Sorting, Seiton- Simplifying Access, Seiso- Sweeping, Seiketsu- Standardizing and Shitsuke- Self Discipline efficiency improves, stress is reduced, customer service is enhanced and sales increase. Explore ways of thinking, working, organizing time, territory, and work space for greater productivity. These simple methods and worksheets actually help gain hours in each day to sell more!

Today's most pressing work issues include employee retention and burnout. Add to that the day in and day out pressures of selling in a daily newspaper. So imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day. Imagine an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, their colleagues, and their customers. Re-energize your organization and discover the importance of fun, recognition, rewards and repeating things that feel good. Watch enthusiasm soar, hear laughter in the office, and make everyone's day to gain, keep, and grow with it's momentum.

Sales representatives know very little about what business owners must do to operate a profitable business. With the "business literacy" knowledge of finance, accounting, debits, credits, operating and capital expenses, budgeting, cash flow, profitability, and key indicators of business health, resource allocation and return on investment today's advertising executive can best recommend an advertising strategy that will work.