Managing Goal Achievement® is a dynamic personal growth journey toward higher productivity, personal satisfaction, self-confidence or whatever individuals define as the necessary components for higher achievement. Managing Goal Achievement® is designed to tackle the hard issues individuals face regarding their own ability to produce, achieve and accomplish.

In the Managing Goal Achievement® program we identify individual paradigms, discover how they were formed in the first place and most importantly, discover how one can explode these self-limiting patterns of behavior. Then, from this new mindset, we go to work setting some realistic short-term goals and objectives for improving business productivity as well as personal goals to enhance various personal areas of our lives.

Through various exercises participants discover the existence of the own self-imposed limitations or mental paradigms. A paradigm is a boundary or border of belief that dictates what we think we can accomplish.

More Than Just Goal Setting

Managing Goal Achievement® is more than a goal setting program. Managing Goal Achievement® helps each participant understand themselves. They find out why they act as they do, reasons they may resist change and what may be keeping them from expanding their thinking and experiencing new challenges.

In today's ever changing business world it is important that we are able to be more open minded, willing to try new ideas and create new ways of doing business. Managing Goal Achievement® helps do just that. In order to be more productive, people need to know how to motivate themselves and get more done.

Managing Goal Achievement® brings important dimensions into alignment.

Goal Clarity, View of Possibilities, Values, Achievement Drive and Supportive Environment forms a Goal Achievement Congruence Model. Conflicts in these dimensions prevent the successful attainment of goals. Managing Goal Achievement® helps bring these dimensions into congruence so old blockages fall away and new goals can be reached. As a result achievement drive and stronger skills are released. No other training available today does this.

Behavioral Change for Maximum Results

One of the most powerful components of MGA is the Goal Achievement System.

The Goal Achievement System  is an easy to follow five step system that helps people sell more, motivate themselves and get more done which influences bottom line results.

Seeking changes in a person, their productivity, professionalism and self confidence to make a difference to the organization does not occur overnight. After the initial four hour seminar, the participants attend a nine week follow up training program. These ongoing, hands on, one and a half hour follow up meetings introduce additional information and help the participants practice and use the tools to make their goals.

These weekly sessions change behavior, encourage team-building and allow for brainstorming amongst their peers. There are cd¹s to listen to, chapters in a book to read, and weekly real-time exercises to complete. You are provided with complete outlines and support materials to conduct these with ease.

This comprehensive program can help you increase the individual productivity of your people and prepare your company for the competitive years ahead.

Successes from Managing Goal Achievement® Graduates

I wrote the affirmation My income is constantly increasing, hung it on the wall in front of my desk and I¹ve gotten 6 new customers. M. Michaels

When I follow the steps I learned I achieve my goals. I stopped following the steps and things stopped happening. I know I have to keep using the 5 step system to continue to grow.
S. Stephens

I went home and had my family sit down and write out their goals. It¹s helping our family communicate and have the life that we all want.
L. Block

Seminar Topics

  • Discovering Your Goal Seeking Mechanism
  • Setting Meaningful Goals
  • Planning Strategy to Reach Your Goals
  • Goal Setting Inventory
  • Goal Setting and Action Plan Development

9 Weekly Follow-Up Sessions

  • How This Course Can Help Reach New Goals
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Own Success
  • Building Belief That You Can Reach Your Goals
  • Developing Strengths to Reach Your Goals
  • Increasing Your Achievement Drive
  • Practicing Possibility Thinking
  • Feeling Worthy To Receive Your Goals
  • Structuring Support Systems
  • Graduation

The power behind the MGA process is the positive, supportive, unbiased environment created to minimize fear and heighten the potential to achieve. Begin now to help people transform what isn't into what is.

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