Integrity Coaching® is a developmental process to assist sales managers in building their people's performance and helping them sell more. It helps managers prevent these challenges from happening: inevitable plateauing, limiting self beliefs, low activity levels, goal diffusion, and low self motivation. During the one day seminar managers learn the Integrity Coaching Model, assess their leadership skills, discover the law of limited performance, understand the cause of human behavior, assess their salespeople's success factors, determine what motivates their salespeople, and learn how to implement a successful coaching process. The 8 weekly follow-ups enable managers to practice these skills: assessing leadership skills, coaching people to higher effectiveness, increasing sales with pre/post call process, selling your people on what they're selling, diagnosing sales problems and prescribing cures, communicating with behavior styles, and influencing people through your beliefs about them.

How others see you and how you see yourself are often different. Here's the opportunity to get confidential feedback from the people you manage. What do you do that helps them? What barriers are getting in the way of performance? What would they want that you may not be offering to them? Receive confidential feedback to these questions and how your management style affects the staff's performance, motivation and development. Discuss strategies to improve how you communicate expectations, delegate authority, foster teamwork, evaluate performance, recognize and reward top performers, and how to create a climate of personal responsibility. Develop a personal action plan program. Have private one-on-one consultations to interpret your personal results, review actions and action plans to improve management practices.

In today's competitive arena, your strategy must be robust enough to stand out, yet flexible enough to evolve as conditions demand. How and where do you dream up new revenue streams? How do you keep from getting stale, doing the same things as before and overlooking opportunities for someone else to sneak in, or worse yet, think of them before you do. Let's take your company-wide position whether it be cost leadership, differentiation or focus, identify new revenue streams to match this position, and plan strategically.

One challenge and thrill of being a manager is in taking your team to a higher level than they thought possible. Whether you are a first time manager or a veteran, it's important to have leadership skills for today's fast changing work environment, diverse work groups, and intense sales expectations. We'll explore traditional v.s. facilitative management, delegation, strategic management positioning, natural management style past, present, and future, and take a simulation to Mars to develop tools to take your staff to their fullest potential. Create a personal action plan to put the new found skills, insights, and ideas into practice. Do this, define your new managerial role, and take your staff to the top. Your greatest opportunity to lead teams and become a strategic leader is just minutes away.

Every interaction with a sales executive is an opportunity for managing, counseling, and coaching. What we say and how we say it makes a difference to productivity. Learn how to make feedback a gift, the tools and rules of field rides, and how to make office coaching a win-win situation. As a sales manager not only will those hard to have conversations be easier, but each conversation will have a new meaning and new direction.

Increase sales 15% - 25% with the Integrity Forum program. Sales managers focus on building profits and developing people with integrity. By attending an Integrity Forum's monthly meeting and receiving a personal coaching session from the Forum Director, the opportunities to impact themselves, their sales people and the organization is huge. The complete Integrity Forum® success package includes: monthly workshop meeting, monthly personal executive coaching session, monthly sales meeting outline/handouts. Elevate the impact the sales management team can make on the sales force and more.