Save 5% - 50% of incoming potential stops! STOPBUSTERS is the original retention save program since 1986. Our newest version is ready to help you make a difference to the bottom line and take control of the retention issue. STOPBUSTERS offers specific retention strategies for the no time to read, poor service, prefers other paper, cannot afford stop reasons and other daily challenges. STOPBUSTERS winning retention tools: The Right Touch, Two Step Customer Relations, Feature Benefit Save, Newspaper Poster Tour, Tall Questions and the Feel, Felt, Found Formula has everyone saving subscribers everyday. Simply put, when you put it all together, it all adds up to retention.

Maybe your staff has been through STOPBUSTERS and they are actively using the save techniques. Now there's a whole new level of learning that covers a complete review of the Stopbusters information, then adds several new dimensions and that's Stopbusters Plus, the Extra Dimension to Retention. Explore Customer Connections, Team Building, From Now To Wow and Stopbusters Refresher to boost overall performance. These advanced customer service concepts open new customer relations opportunities that keep customers from canceling their subscriptions. Stopbusters Plus is one empowering system to improve retention.

One of today's challenges is getting new subscribers. People are busy, they get many telephone sales calls and have many reasons why not to subscribe to the newspaper. What we say and how we say it can make a difference to your new subscriber sales. Our philosophy is to engage the customer early in the conversation, ask not tell, and educate them to the value of the newspaper. If you want a consultative sales process instead of “I have a deal for you today” -- this program is for you.

Circulation Telemarketing Sales includes selling skills, and more importantly specific tools and techniques to answer the no time to read, prefers other paper, past poor service problems, cannot afford, get the news at work responses. This program increases circulation and quality orders, gains better customer relations, increases productivity, improves team environment, plus reduces turnover.

Single copy and district managers who are making your dealer sales often are not trained sales representatives. Generally they have moved up the ranks mostly managing districts and single copy. Now these managers are responsible for calling on businesses, making presentations and selling the value of including the daily newspaper in their product line. How can you easily turn these non-typical sales people into exceptional sales representatives? INTEGRITY SELLING®is the answer.

INTEGRITY SELLING® is a customer-needs focused strategy that generates sales immediately. Participants learn a simple, six-step system of selling that gets results. This value focused, integrity-based sales process builds, identifies and develops the customer's needs. Buyers feel the person selling to them is not just interested in selling their product, but truly interested in understanding and fulfilling their needs. Buyers have more confidence and are more willing to make long-term business commitments. This exciting process is for people of all experience levels.

Want to see a difference in the very next call? It can happen. Each customer service representative receives a personal coaching session with our customer service specialist. Our coaches have extensive sales and customer experience bringing valuable insight and coaching to each personalized session. Prior to our on-site visit each customer service representative records 30-60 minutes of telephone time. This way we get a variety of different kinds of call situations. The Coach listens to the recordings prior to the visit and identifies each persons strengths and weaknesses - primarily listening for missed opportunities. At the on-site visit, each representative gets a private one hour one-on-one personal coaching session. Together they listen to a variety of the calls and jointly work on immediate skills sets to improve the customer contacts. Each person gets their own action plan with specific tools, techniques and tips to make a difference on their very next call. Feedback like this, on the spot, is valuable to the customer service representative for upgrading their customer service skills.

This highly interactive 9 module program teaches effective communication skills, problem solving techniques and quality customer satisfaction. Establish and adopt a customer satisfaction philosophy that provides the excellent service customers demand and expect.

By identifying internal and external customers a new understanding of teamwork emerges. Exercises on attitudes, values, motives, and the communication process along with How Did I Do?, I Caught Myself, and I Caught You cards keeps the information top of mind as part of all daily actions. Excellent customer service equates to more satisfied customers. Be customer service leaders in today's business marketplace.


It's one thing to say, "Let's be customer driven." It's another thing for the staff to understand what that means, why it's important, and exactly what they can and should do to make that happen. Break Thru: From Now to Wow! examines change and it's impact on service strategies, provides an understanding of why businesses must constantly adapt, and introduces the WOW experience to improve the level of service from ordinary to outrageous. Watch the staff embrace customer service and experience Break Thru opportunities daily.

Have you noticed that customers are different? They think, act, make decisions, and react under pressure differently. One approach just doesn't do it. Learn the four unique personality styles, how to identify them and the best communication's strategy for each style. Figure out your style and take a look at people who you communicate well with and ones you don't using the DISC© system. We'll quickly learn how to go out tomorrow and turn each customer contact around. Break Thru Service series gets your staff thinking, working and contributing as a customer driven organization.

It's the details that count. Making that first and lasting impression makes a difference. When customers feel good about their conversations, interactions and contacts with your organization, they will remain as loyal customers, readers and subscribers. Additionally, they are your champions in the community. Learn telephone tips and techniques to improve customer relations from answering the phone, concluding the call and everything in between. Even voice mail can have the right touch. Let's increase customer satisfaction to everyone with The Right Touch every time.

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard was not what I meant." Unknown Listening is a mental act that we take for granted. When looked at closer we can see and hear the difference between Not Listening, Bad Listening and Great Listening. Once we recognize listening barriers and apply the 6 rules to Break Thru Listening, we'll enhance our customer communications and exceed our customer's expectations.

Some days are better than others, however, we all encounter a little stress in our lives. Rather than ignoring it or just saying "I'm stressed out", let's be proactive. Recognizing stress, learning some tools to reduce stress provides us with a framework for long term job stress management. Find yourself taking your stress temperature with a Tensometer, laughing instead of fuming and going on a two minute vacation. Let's not let stress get to us, rather let's get our Stress Under Control.